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Meat Industry Day at APPEX

23 January 2024
Meat Industry Day at APPEX

AMPC is hosting a Meat Industry Day at the Australasian Processing + Packaging Expo (APPEX) in Melbourne in March. The expo will bring together more than 10,000 delegates from across the full spectrum of the packaging and processing industry to experience the latest and greatest in robotics and automation, packaging and processing machinery, logistics and handling technology, and more.

AMPC Program Manager Stuart Shaw, who is coordinating the Meat Industry Day, says a dedicated time and space for the red meat processing industry will allow for industry updates and insights as well as showcasing the great opportunities in the sector to potential partners.

“We want this day to be of value for those in the industry, and those who could partner with industry to develop new ideas, solve challenges and come up with new commercial ideas that will drive meat processing through its next evolution,” Stuart says. “There are many innovations in other sectors that could have meat processing applications. We want to encourage potential partners to see where the opportunity in red meat could be for them.

The agenda is being finalised now and full details will be released soon. Highlights will include a leadership panel discussion about the red meat processing industry five years from now, a packaging sustainability panel and updates on AMPC’s many research, development and adoption projects.

“Meat Industry Day at APPEX will give delegates the opportunity to hear from leading researchers, businesses and industry bodies to learn about our economically critical industry. It’s a great chance to showcase the innovative nature of the sector and investigate how from in and outside industry we can create opportunity.”

APPEX will be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre from 12-15 March, with Meat Industry Day held on Wednesday 13 March from 10am to 3pm.  Sign up here.