Partner with us

Partner with us

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation invests into strategic research programs that provide benefit to Australian red meat processors and the wider red meat processing industry.

How to submit an idea

Each investment starts with an idea – and if you're a processor or service provider we’d love for you to share yours by talking to our R&D managers.


Step 1 – initial idea

  • AMPC is happy to accept ideas from anyone at any point in time
  • We assess all ideas against a set of criteria
  • Any ideas that pass the initial screening process will proceed to a formal proposal submission process

Step 2 – formal proposal 

  • All investments will require a Full Research Proposal (FRP) to be submitted
  • Depending on the nature of the proposal we may undertake a request for proposals process – research providers and levy payers are welcome to submit FRPs
  • All proposals submitted will be subject to a detailed assessment process building on the criteria from step 1 
  • Responses will be assessed and the best service provider will be chosen
  • Contracts will then be issued and the work will begin


Participation in investments 

We promote strong processor participation in our R&D activities and expressions of interest will be distributed to industry members.