Sustainability tools and calculators

Access a range of sustainability tools and calculators for the red meat processing sector to measure and help improve energy, water and waste efficiency. 

Tools and calculators

Quick access to tools and calculators 

Digital design for integrated wastewater treatment tool

This project developed an online tool to help processors to design integrated wastewater treatment and bio-resource recovery systems. The integrated design can assist with increased environmental compliance, smaller carbon footprints, treated water recycling, diversion of wastes from landfill, and recovery of nutrients, bioenergy and fertiliser by-products.

The 3D illustrated software model helps assess, design, cost and transition towards modularised wastewater treatment while realising the benefits of a smaller footprint, zero waste and optimized bio-resource recovery.

AMPC processers can also access one-on-one workshops to learn how to operate the tool until the end of 2022.

To book a session, please contact your AMPC Co-Innovation Manager or AMPC Program Manager Sustainability Matt Deegan at

Access the tool here: Digital design for integrated wastewater treatment tool 

Energy and water benchmarking tool

The energy and water benchmarking tool facilitates sectoral comparison and individual opportunity identification for AMPC member plants, as a part of the AMPC energy and water productivity capacity building program. 

Key functionalities

•    Evaluate the production site’s thermal and electrical energy efficiency, and water efficiency performance 

•    Provide comparison with best-practice across the industry

•    Provide energy and water performance improvement opportunities with calculations for indicative costs, savings, carbon abatement, and simple payback. 

Access the tool here: AMPC energy and water benchmarking tool

Levelised cost of energy calculator (LCOE)

This project developed Excel spreadsheet calculators, and an AMPC service, to enable sophisticated financial comparison of solar PV (and battery) and biomass boiler projects. The calculator and service helps bring transparency and awareness to members when faced with different options for renewable energy adoption.

Access the tool here: AMPC members that would like a demonstration of the tool can contact AMPC Program Manager, Sustainability Matt Deegan - 0429 977 028.  

Heat pump selection tool

The heat pump selection tool is an industry developed xl calculator that assists meat processors in better understanding their particular opportunity for switching from fossil fuel process heat to more productive process heat powered by renewable electricity.

Access the tool here: Heat pump estimator tool

Grants helpline for energy and environment 

AMPC launched a free service that provides members with expert information, advice and guidance to help identify and apply for energy and environment government funding and grants.

Members can:

  • Speak to a grant application expert
  • Identify what they are eligible for
  • Be guided through the entire grant process
  • Check their eligibility
  • Get help drafting applications

To access the helpline, simply call 1800 2 GRANTS / 1800 2 472687

Access more information about the helpline here: AMPC grants helpline flyer


AD adviser tool 

The AD advisor tool aims to provide a user-friendly platform that enables industry to evaluate the potential feasibility of greenfield, brownfield and cross-sectoral anaerobic co-digestion business projects as part of a circular economy.

The tool guides the user through high level regulatory integration assessment, design rules or principles for selection and sizing of anaerobic digestion technologies, and technoeconomic evaluation of project concepts.

The beta-version of the anaerobic digestion assessment tool “AD advisor tool” was developed by USQ with funding support from the Commonwealth, MLA, AMPC and industry. It is ready for testing and feedback. 

Access the tool here: AD adviser tool

Emissions Reduction Handbook

The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) Handbook provides a comprehensive guide for participants in the meat processing industry who are interested in leveraging the ERF to reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

This handbook serves as a valuable resource, offering insights, guidelines, and practical information to navigate the complexities of the ERF and implement successful emission reduction projects.

Access the handbook here