Product and process integrity resources

Access a range of product and process integrity resources including the latest facts on C.bovis inspection, MLA Shelf Life Calculator, and facts on the implementation of EID tags. 

Food safety resources

C.bovis risk management factsheet

C. bovis poses a food safety risk to humans and infected carcasses can be partly or fully condemned at processing. At processing, either routine (minimum) or full carcase inspection of carcasses is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4696:2023. To reduce the need to routinely incise the masseter muscles off all cattle, industry and government have implemented a risk framework to identify enterprises which use ‘high-risk’ recycled water in relation to C. bovis, resulting in high-risk cattle.

The livestock production assurance program is introducing the management of risk related to recycled water use to ensure only cattle from properties using high-risk recycled water are subject to full inspection at processing.  

Read more about the risk management framework.

Access the flow chart for managing C.bovis cattle with lost tags.

MLA Shelf Life Calculator  

This Excel based calculator can be used to predict remaining shelf life of vacuum packed beef and lamb, based on storage temperature, and an estimation of the microbial load (Total Viable Count (TVC)) at the time of packing.

Access the MLA Shelf Life Calculator

How to use the shelf life calculator

Guide to data loggers and the shelf life model

Predictive models for shelf life of Australian vacuum packed beef and lamb 

Traceability resources

EID processor mandatory scanning factsheet

In the coming years, all processing plants must install a RFID panel reader to read RFID tags and compatible software to then upload the EID tags to the NLIS database.

The factsheet below includes recommendations for implementation and dates for each State and Territory.

EID - processor mandatory scanning factsheet