Corporate reports

Corporate reports

As part of the AMPC regulatory requirements and commitment to levy payers, each year, the following reports are published:

Our current Annual Report 

Download the AMPC Annual Report 2022-23

The AMPC Annual Report is presented in three sections, Our work, Our programs, and the Financial report.  

Section 1: Our work

This section provides an overview of who AMPC is and what we do on behalf of the red meat processing sector. You'll find out about our key achievements and overall performance in 2022-23, as well as what our vision is for the future.  

Download the Our work section

Section 2: Our programs and organisation

Delve deeper into our strategic investments areas in this section to better understand what AMPC does in R&D across advanced manufacturing, sustainability, people and culture, technical markets access and markets, and product and process integrity.  You'll find plenty of facts, figures and case studies demonstrating how our programs benefited the red meat processing industry in 2022-23.

Download the Our programs section

Section 3: Financial report

This section delivers our formal reporting, including the Directors’ report for 2022-23 and the company’s full financial report.

Download the Financial report

Our current Annual Operating Plan 

Our 2023-2024 Annual Operating Plan outlines our activities during the year and aligns to our five-year strategic plan.

Download the 2023-2024 Annual Operating Plan