Our board

Our board

The board consists of seven processor directors and two independent directors. Members elect the processor directors every three years.

The last directors’ election took place in 2023 with processor directors appointed at the AGM held in November 2023. 

Independent directors undertook a different process and were also appointed at the AGM.

Melissa Fletcher Melissa Fletcher

Melissa Fletcher

John Langbridge John Langbridge

John Langbridge

Deputy Chair
Dr Saranne Cooke Dr Saranne Cooke

Dr Saranne Cooke

Independent Director
Dean Goode Dean Goode

Dean Goode

Processor Director
Frank Herd Frank Herd

Frank Herd

Processor Director
Allira Hudson-Gofers Allira Hudson-Gofers

Allira Hudson-Gofers

Independent Director
Stacey McKenna Stacey McKenna

Stacey McKenna

Processor Director
Trevor Moore Trevor Moore

Trevor Moore

Processor Director
Sean Starling Sean Starling

Sean Starling

Processor Director