Our team

Our team

The AMPC team is highly skilled and experts in their areas. They have commercial experience, have come from industry and are extremely passionate.
To enquire with any of our team members, please contact admin@ampc.com.au, or call 02 8908 5500
Chris Taylor Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Chief Executive Officer
Edwina Toohey Edwina Toohey

Edwina Toohey

General Manager Research, Development and Adoption
Veneta Chapple Veneta Chapple

Veneta Chapple

General Manager of Strategic Industry Development
Maria Stathis Maria Stathis

Maria Stathis

Head of Communications and Media
Mabel Liang Mabel Liang

Mabel Liang

Corporate Services
Rebecca Bennett Rebecca Bennett

Rebecca Bennett

Co-Innovation Manager
David Carew David Carew

David Carew

Senior Co-Innovation Manager
Amanda Carter Amanda Carter

Amanda Carter

Program Manager - People and Culture
Matt Deegan Matt Deegan

Matt Deegan

Program Manager - Sustainability
Jemma Harper Jemma Harper

Jemma Harper

Co-Innovation Manager
Ann McDonald Ann McDonald

Ann McDonald

Program Manager - Markets and Integrity
Stuart Shaw Stuart Shaw

Stuart Shaw

Program Manager - Advanced Manufacturing
Lauren Smith Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith

Co-Innovation Manager