Professional development

The meat industry professional development program funded by AMPC provides accredited courses and general-purpose workshops to extend the latest R&D to meat industry personnel and industry trainers in order for them to gain the skills and knowledge required to implement practice change.
The role of the professional development programs is to build industry capability and to provide for pilot trials of new training before the standard fee for service model is applied by MINTRAC. In recent years the meat industry has acknowledged that new research, technology, regulatory requirements and improved practices must be effectively implemented in a structured, consistent and sustainable manner, and this involves training personnel to provide them with the necessary technical skills.

For each type of training, pilot learning program or introductory professional development course, the meat industry professional development program enables AMPC and MINTRAC to establish suitable models of delivery and assessment, a body of competent trainers, appropriate support materials and a viable market into which this training can be sold. This enables training capacity to be built in all states around Australia.