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5G trial for Aussie red meat processing plants

06 September 2021

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) has partnered with Bondi Labs to secure government funding for a trial of 5G-enabled technology to improve the quality assurance process of meat production.

The funding, from the Commonwealth government’s 5G Innovation Initiative, will:

  • Implement streaming of high-definition video data from meat processing plants for use by onplant vets and food safety meat assessors
  • Augment human decision making based on video stream data, using edge computing as well as artificial intelligence-enabled machine vision analysis of meat production

The project begins in September 2021, will continue for one year, and will be trialled in AMPC member meat processing plants across Victoria and Queensland.

AMPC CEO Chris Taylor, said, “Limited connectivity in rural and regional Australia is a major challenge for processors. Our industry is enthusiastic about embracing technological innovations, and a stable and high-bandwidth internet connection is critical for that”.

This project which will demonstrate whether 5G will be a viable technology for delivering internet connectivity to regional meat processing plants. The project will look at delivering high speed internet to enable smart verification technologies such as high-fidelity video streaming that can be used for remote auditing and compliance monitoring through computer vision technology.

“Our goal is to reduce the cost of compliance and at the same time increase the effectiveness of compliance auditing for our members in regional and rural Australia.”

AMPC Program Manager Matt O’Bryan said, “It will help on-site vets through the provision of technologies that will be able to augment their tasks and decision making, adding value to outputs of their roles, and in turn better outcomes for our members.

“Food safety auditors will benefit with the edition of new tools for verification that will reduce the regulatory burden for processors.”

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