RnD4Profit Developing and commercialising advanced measurement technologies and feedback systems into globally competitive Australian meat value chains (ALMTech II)

19 March 2024
Focus area: Products
Program stream: Technical market access & markets
The ALMTech II project (July 2019 – April 2023) has been a four-year project focused on enhancing the Australian beef, lamb and pork industries’ ability to respond to market demands and capture value-chain price differentials, via advanced objective measurements of red meat quality and quantity. The project follows on from ALMTech I (June 2016—July 2020) which generated significant momentum for technologies to improve objective carcase measurement. ALMTech II was structured to support the full commercialisation of the technologies supported and developed in ALMTech I.

Specifically, ALMTech II was made up of five different programs, each broken into a number of activities and outputs. The five programs were:
1.    Develop lean meat yield (LMY) measurement technologies, both on farm and in the abattoir
2.    Develop eating quality (EQ) measurement technologies in the abattoir
3.    Align these technologies with automation
4.    Enhance producer feedback systems and genetic tools using new measurements from these technologies
5.    Align data into decision systems to enhance profitability

Across these five programs, there were 11 scientific outputs, and nine industry outputs. ALMTech II has either delivered or over-delivered on 18 of these 20 outputs. With the project now complete, it is recommended that focus is given to adoption gaps, to ensure the project’s legacy is maximised. Ongoing industry support will be vital.

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