Meat Science Toward 2030

26 March 2022
Focus area: Technical market access & markets
Program stream: Technical market access & markets
The project aimed to evaluate the broad issues at a global level by engaging industry, science leaders and interested parties in a broad discussion to firstly seek a consensus on the key science issues that are fundamental to industry development over the next 5 to 10 years, to provide a frank appraisal of the current knowledge and capability, and then to recommend strategies to align and encourage Meat Science activity that addresses the core imperatives.

A discussion paper was developed and circulated widely with responses sought to two core questions:
 1.  What are the key challenges and opportunities for meat science toward 2030 and
 2.  How do we harness meat science and related expertise into the future?

Read the results in the outcomes seciton of the full report published on this page.
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