Ice Hide Processing Innovation (Stage 1)

04 May 2022
Focus area: Products
Program stream: Technical market access & markets
This project trialled a hide icing process to reduce hide temperatures and maintain quality hides for hide processing. If hide temperatures could be delivered to the processing facility at less than 10 degrees Celsius, hide quality would improve. 

Temperatures before icing varied between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius depending on variables such as weather, transport time and density of hides in the hide bin. 

Two ice machines were installed at the meat processing plant with a seesaw-like hide chute which provided sufficient ice coverage on top of the bin before needing to be replaced with an empty bin. 

Reduced hide temperatures were recorded on arrival at the hide processing facility. The quality of hides recorded also improved, hides previously rated a D improved to C grading with icing. 
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