Feasibility study for a refuse derived fuel created from paunch, biosolids and construction and demolition waste

15 September 2023
Focus area: Waste
Program stream: Sustainability
Project number: 2023-1003

This study looked at the potential to create a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) out of paunch waste, biosolids and construction and demolition (C&D) waste from the red meat processing industry, for use at red meat processors. 

Three Queensland processors were chosen to adopt an RDF into "business as usual" operations at their facilities, where the environmental and economic impact of the RDF was compared against existing fuels used. The RDF should have no worse environmental effect than existing fuels used at the facilities, with a particular emphasis on materials that are landfilled. Economic viability of the RDF – including but not limited to power costs, thermal energy costs, and waste disposal costs – were also in the spotlight.

The study concluded that substitution of existing fuels with RDF processed and supplied from a remote site is a feasible option whilst the input price of RDF remains negative. Further investigation is warranted to determine if additional savings can be generated.
Next in this focus area 28 July 2021 2020 Environmental Performance Review for the red meat processing industry