Energy and water benchmarking and efficiency culture change

30 September 2023
Focus area: Energy
Program stream: Sustainability
Project number: 2023-1008
The objectives of this study were to provide benchmarking and improvement workshops to AMPC members who completed the 2022 Environmental Performance Review.

The workshops benchmarked energy, water and emissions intensities and provided recommendations for improvement. A management system diagnostic was also offered as a key step to establishing a stronger culture in energy efficiency. 

Benchmark results for 2020 and 2022 were across the following categories – electrical intensity, thermal intensity, total energy, and water intensity, while carbon emissions intensity was added to the benchmark report for 2022.

The benchmarking study found that overall, plants did well on water intensity which did not increase compared to the previous reporting period for 2020, despite a lower throughput for 2022 which could have led to inefficiencies. 

The study indicated room for improvement in energy intensity which has increased since 2020, possibly a reflection of energy intensive improvements such as increased value-adding and modernised retail packaging.
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