AMPC Decarbonisation pathways update

08 December 2023
Focus area: Communities
Program stream: Sustainability
Project number: 2023-1004
This research report explored emission reduction pathways and opportunities for the Australian red meat processing industry and served as an update to the 2019 AMPC report which explored the same topic (2019-1059). Specifically, this update includes a review of the 2022 Environment Performance Report (EPR) results, the status of decarbonisation in the international red meat processing industry, decarbonisation strategies and technologies, Australian government policies, and the updated domestic decarbonisation pathway analysis.

Based on recent electricity grid decarbonisation forecasts, facility emissions from grid electricity use could fall significantly by 2030. With further R&D around Industry 4.0 technologies for refrigeration energy efficiency, additional reductions in grid electricity emissions could occur. Other key technologies for decarbonisation have not changed significantly since the 2019 report, but heat pumps have become more available and competitive for hot water generation. There has also been rapid growth in the implementation of on-site solar PV systems.

The report recommends individual plants develop site-specific carbon footprints, to help build strategies for further decarbonisation opportunities. It also suggests companies with overseas partners or ownership should review emission reduction targets created by applicable international governments, as these targets may not align with the Australian government targets.

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