Impact of COVID-19 on the red meat processing industry

14 December 2021
Focus area: Product & process integrity
Program stream: Product & process integrity
This report outlines the strong performance of the red meat processing industry during the pandemic in 2020. The industry was able to maintain reliable supplies to both domestic and international customers under challenging circumstances.

The study, conducted by BIS Oxford Economics looked at the period from 1 April to 30 September 2020.

The report stated that the industry not only dealt with the pandemic within processing plants themselves, but it also dealt with logistical and labour supply shocks. The skill and flexibility of the meat processing industry was a contributing factor for the pandemic creating only modest impacts on industry revenues.

The report - Impact of Covid-19 on the red meat processing industry - made a number of findings that indicate a strong and resilient sector. The report found that while the broader industry took an estimated 3% hit to national revenue during the most severe period of COVID-19 impact (April to September 2020), processors performed well. On the ground, they demonstrated skill and flexibility in managing logistical and workforce disruptions to maintain supplies to domestic and international markets.
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