Economic impact assessment 2020-21

21 March 2022
Focus area: Product & process integrity
Program stream: Product & process integrity
A recent evaluation of AMPC’s research and development investments from the 2020-21 financial year demonstrated an average benefit-cost ratio of 8.71 over 30 years*.

AMPC conducts independent evaluations of its research projects to demonstrate the benefits and outcomes that have emerged or are likely to emerge from investments. 

AMPC evaluated the economic returns from a sample of 10 AMPC projects completed in the 2020/21 financial year. 

Evaluations were completed in line with the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations (CRRDC) Impact Assessment Program: Guidelines (2018). They were informed by a review of project outputs, and consultation with researchers, industry representatives and other relevant stakeholders. 

The assessments were completed by modelling the marginal costs and benefits from a project over a 30-year period.

Overall, the results from the sample of evaluated projects suggests that AMPC R&D projects concluding in the 2021 financial year, are likely to yield substantial economic benefits to processors over the coming years.

The benefits identified from the 10 projects included: 
•    reduced operating costs due to reduced staff requirements, increased staff retention, reduced injury time and increased yield
•    reduced power costs, thermal energy costs and waste disposal costs
•    reduced costs associated with accessing visa workers to fill skill shortages
•    reduced regulatory costs associated with export certification
•    reduced financial losses due to COVID-19 outbreaks in processing plants
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