Data proof of concept for meat processing facilities (Stage 1)

08 December 2023
Focus area: Development
Program stream: People & culture
Project number: 2021-1227
The red meat industry collects a vast range of data, but most processors find it difficult to integrate data in a way that adds value to their operation. This is often because their systems are not streamlined and they lack the time in their operations to explore the best ways to utilise data. 

This project involved working with individual companies to develop proof of concept (POC) reporting, focusing on an area of need for that plant. 

In total, eight proofs of concept were undertaken for red meat processors across Australia. Each was customised to the unique needs of the organisation, analysing and integrating data from various sources. The reporting explored areas ranging from incidents at the facility; to temperature analysis; and production, yield and offal reporting. 

At the completion of the POC the company was given the option of moving the POC outcomes to a production environment and continuing to access the business intelligence tool developed by Toustone. Each plant was also given the opportunity to submit a PIP application to further develop and deliver additional business intelligence dashboards.  

The project demonstrated the value of a strategic approach to data collection and analysis and helped identify opportunities to further explore the benefits of business intelligence reporting.
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