Remote Operations (Gamification) – Stage 1 Wunderman Thompson

20 April 2022
Focus area: Hands-off processing
Program stream: Advanced manufacturing
This project invested in the development of a beef scribing minimum viable product (MVP) experience, with the aim of engaging and training industry members and non-industry ‘gamers’ to immerse themselves in a beef scribing activity and focus on beating both their own accuracy/time scores and that of others, globally, who have registered to play the game. 

A ‘Beef Scriber Game’ MVP experience for user-testing was built. This game focused on a step-by-step educational journey on beef scribing and particular cuts and gamified the action through scoring based on accuracy and speed.  

The final MVP experience delivered a structured, and interactive game that encourages the user to conquer game levels from easy to highly complex with the time restrictions. Due to the complex nature of the Beef Scribing operation, additional features such as hints and pop-up tips have been integrated into the game to ensure the user stays engaged and continues gaming and learning. 
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