Hot carcass grading: driving quality assurance and processing efficiency

31 January 2024
Focus area: Carcase primal profitability optimisation
Program stream: Advanced manufacturing
This study aimed to develop a technology capable of real-time, accurate, objective grading tool for beef and lamb carcasses on the slaughter floor. The MEQ Probe – the centrepiece of the project – was developed through collaborative efforts involving industry experts, machine learning engineers, and meat processing professionals. 

The project exceeded the initial target of 10,000 lamb IMF samples, accumulating a total of 22,000 samples across various MEQ trials. Over 100,000 beef carcasses underwent probing and analysis for MSA marbling, with 20,000 further analysed for ultimate pH. The MEQ Probe has demonstrated accuracy and reliability in grading key attributes, such as IMF, MSA, and pH, surpassing industry standards and accreditation requirements.

Looking ahead, the successful commercialisation and adoption of the MEQ Probe has the potential to transform meat grading processes globally. This innovative tool not only provides meat processors with a reliable, efficient, and objective means of ensuring product quality but also opens avenues for many other benefits regarding optimisation and efficiency.
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