Beef striploin fat removal - Stage 2B: Controlled variable thickness robotic fat trimming

31 August 2023
Focus area: Carcase primal profitability optimisation
Program stream: Advanced manufacturing
Project number: 2023-1038
This study forms stage 2B of an overarching project to develop a world-first robotic solution for fat trimming of beef striploin primals. 

Under Stage 2B, the project has developed and trialled a controllable powered trimming tool, integrated for testing with a robot that uses ultrasonic and laser measurement of the striploin to determine cutting paths for trimming a uniform fat cover. The controlled process aims to reduce the over trimming often observed in the manual process.

Project trials indicated a potential capability in fat trimming of striploins avoiding over trimming by at least 2 mm with results considered positive by AMPC and host plant.

AMPC will consult with industry to determine if a Stage 3 development should be considered with the aim to develop this robotic trimming approach defined in Stage 2B into a production prototype.

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