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Second advanced water recycling trial begins in Western Australia

30 May 2022

AMPC has delivered its water recycling unit to a second meat processing plant in Western Australia as part of a pilot project for sustainable recycling of water for non-potable uses. This follows on from its first trial at a plant in Queensland earlier this year. 

The pilot involves the use and testing of a containerised microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis unit. 

The objective is to source, treat and test multiple in-plant streams with varying filtration combinations. This will ensure a thorough comparison of efficacy and cost. Results will guide various applications for use of Class A recycled water.

AMPC program manager, Matthew Deegan said, “This project is one of three pilots that will be trialed by 9 meat processing hosts. 

“We are already seeing a different approach by the second host regarding the source water and intended application for the treated water. The project is starting to see that targeted and segregated processor wastewater streams might be treated to provide very effective and economic fit-for-purpose uses in different parts of the plant.”

The pilot will establish and help progress a sustainable pathway to advanced water recycling in the meat processing sector. The results of the pilot study will include preliminary design, feasibility and business cases that outline the best uses for such recycled water within processing plants.

The red meat processing industry will be provided with a Class A water recycling handbook that will include tools such as a decision-making matrix to help operators determine when and where to use recycled water within their plants, including how much energy and water savings are likely to be provided.