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More to meat campaign's latest research results

22 April 2024
More to meat campaign's latest research results

In February, AMPC commissioned quantitative research to understand key trends and shifts in public attitudes towards the red meat processing industry since May 2023.

Quantitative research is designed to inform AMPC’s More to Meat campaign, which was launched in August 2022 to build public support for red meat processors in communities where they operate. This wave of research was conducted between February and March 2024 amongst 2,770 Australians.

Research included testing perceptions and attitudes amongst the general population (those who mainly live in capital cities) as well as those living in regional communities (in close proximity to a red meat processor). 

Key insights from the quantitative research included:

  • Cost of living and inflationary pressures remain the dominant issue for Australians, followed by housing affordability and healthcare. 
  • The top priorities within the agriculture sector for voters remain addressing animal cruelty and safeguarding against diseases (e.g. foot and mouth).  
  • Since May 2023, support for the red meat processing industry nationally has declined slightly, but remains in a strong position. Within regional communities, support for the industry is strong, and has remained steady since May 2023.
  • Key reasons for voters to support the red meat processing industry continue to be their enjoyment of meat products and a recognition of the industry’s essential role in the meat supply chain. 
  • There is a noticeably higher level of support for red meat processing amongst voters who have seen More to Meat (e.g. billboard advertising), or who have been involved with the campaign, including through an AMPC member.
  • Voters who have seen the More to Meat campaign are more likely to identify the industry as being valuable to both the economy and to regional communities (e.g. supporting local businesses) around Australia.

For further information about the campaign or to express your interest in joining a more details briefing on the results, please email