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Industry insights - first edition

11 April 2024
Industry insights - first edition

Welcome to AMPC’s new series of Industry insights which will provide topical analysis of economic and production issues affecting the red meat processing industry.

This edition provides a consolidated summary of longer-term economic and industry forecasts, as well as analysis of processor input costs. The focus of our insights will change to reflect recently released data and current issues impacting our industry. 

Key takeaways

  • Recovering Australian and international economy
  • Slaughter throughput will continue to increase in 2024 subject to labour availability
  • Declined US beef production to reduce exports and increase imports, both creating opportunities for Australian product
  • Rise in processor input costs exceeding CPI

Read the full report here

For more information or feedback about this update please contact Seamus Hoban – AMPC’s Data and Insights Manager on or M: 0437 382 339.