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AMPC welcomes Jason to the Australian Rural Leadership Program

26 April 2022

Jason Herbert, General Manager at Fletchers International, has been awarded the AMPC scholarship for course 29 of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

Jason grew up in country NSW and moved to Dubbo after high school to look for a job. He found an entry level position at Fletchers International meat processing plant and hasn’t looked back since. His first job was cleaning floors and since then has worked his way up to his current role as a general manager.

Jason said, “I looked for opportunities within the business to progress and it all started from there. I worked as a training officer, QA officer, and supervisor before working my way up to operations manager. Following this I became plant manager which led me to my current position of general manager.

“It was a gradual progression and very rewarding. I feel blessed and fortunate. So much has happened in my 30-year career at Fletchers and I hope others can look at my career and realise they too can have these opportunities.”

Jason found out about the Australian Rural Leadership Program through networking. He knew people that undertook previous courses. The application involved an online application where Jason had to outline his contribution to Fletchers and to the region. He outlined how meat processing contributes to rural Australia. 

The second stage of the application process involved networking and looking for an appropriate sponsor. Jason said, “AMPC was a clear fit for me. As the R&D provider for meat processing, AMPC aligned directly with what I do.”

The final stage of the application process was an interview.

Jason said, “I was attracted to apply for self-recognition. I want to get out there with others that are doing well in their industries, and that will give me the confidence that I am one of these experienced people within my own industry. 

“My goal is to continue with Fletchers, and I want to offer them everything I can. I do not want to become complacent.

“I am grateful to AMPC for the opportunity.”