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AI-driven beef scriber delivering outstanding accuracy

30 October 2023
AI-driven beef scriber delivering outstanding accuracy

An AI-driven automated beef scribing system being trialled at Kilcoy Pastoral Company has now been commissioned, and early results look excellent.

The system was installed at the Kilcoy site in March and post-installation trials have been very successful. The vision system and AI are providing a high level of cutting accuracy by the robots, and the system is also achieving speed targets.

AMPC Co-Innovation Manager Jemma Harper says Kilcoy is very happy with the accuracy of the cutting, which translates to a higher level of consistency in their primal beef cuts. The system also improves workplace safety by reducing the usage of the circular cutting saw, as well as contributing to labour supply sustainability by taking on what is sometimes a challenging role to fill.

“Results have demonstrated very good accuracy across all breeds and carcase compositions and at this point, with the wet commissioning phase complete, the results are extremely good.

“An independent assessment will be undertaken next month, looking at production speed, cutting accuracy and yield, and we are looking forward to seeing the results to date validated through this important stage of work.”

A one-year production review will be released in June 2024 ahead of the final report in June 2025.

Jemma says that based on results so far, the AI-driven beef scriber is one of AMPC’s most successful projects, and the AMPC team and Kilcoy are excited by its potential. 

AMPC is working with Intelligent Robotics on this investment. 

“It is fantastic to see industry’s 15-year journey in beef scribing continuing to come to fruition,” Jemma says. 


To learn more and see the scriber working watch this video

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For more information about the project, read our initial media release on the AMPC website or contact Jemma Harper at