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Extracting kokumi – the new umami – from red meat

19 June 2024
Extracting kokumi – the new umami – from red meat

Kokumi, the sixth taste sensation after sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami, is the subject of a new Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) research program. 

Kokumi is a feeling which can be described as perceived richness and roundness that heightens the other five tastes and prolongs their flavour.

The ‘taste’ can be found in cuisines where it naturally occurs in aged and fermented foods like alcohol, soy sauce, fish sauce, bread, chicken soup and shrimp paste.

It explains why when a soup or a stew has simmered for several hours, it takes on a richer, deeper flavour. And when cheese is allowed to mature, its flavour becomes more complex and lasting.

Scientists have had trouble pinpointing kokumi because it is not achieved with a single molecule, rather, it is activated by glutamyl peptides that occur naturally in fermented and aged foods.

And now, AMPC, working together with AgResearch NZ, are researching how to extract flavour peptides from beef offal products such as lungs and livers.

Ag research has started researching how to extract flavour peptides from red meat offal products in their lab in New Zealand to see if kokumi can be extracted into a powder form suitable for commercialising.

AMPC Program Manager Ann McDonald said, “Currently offal products are quite often rendered or turned into pet food. The outcomes from this research program, will mean that red meat processors will have significant value added to offal products which are generally considered low value. 

“Importantly, this kind of work has never been done in meat before. So, this is a first. There are commercially available plant-based organic flavour enhancers, however not a single animal based kokumi flavour enhancing product is available in the current global market.”

AgResearch International Business Manager – Australia and Asia Li Day said, “AgResearch has developed a cost-effective enzymatic method to generate food-grade kokumi flavour peptides which can be added to food to enhance its flavour and to provide depth and enhancement of flavour in foods. 

“In this research, we are producing kokumi taste extracts from beef offal products that can be added to any food recipe to elevate its overall flavour. This will provide a fantastic opportunity for the red meat processing industry to add value to beef offal such as liver and lungs.”

The research will be finished later this year. 

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