Supply chain assurance program - stage 1 investigation

02 February 2024
Focus area: Communities
Program stream: Sustainability
Project number: 2020-1081
This study analysed the most respected global protein supply chain assurance programs, including those available in Australia, in a first step towards creating a dedicated Farm Assurance program. Specifically, the study reviewed and compared a number of data input requirements of each program relevant to processing plant's supply chain, which includes suppliers of livestock and receivers of end products.

Supply chain alignment emerged as a key challenge for manufacturers in meeting quality assurance specifications. Clear specifications involving supply partners from the outset were emphasised to prevent product rejection, and to ensure consumer demands were met. The project also stressed the need for agility when managing changes and variations in specifications, in order to avoid delays or rejections at the final destination. Future solutions, such as cloud-based platforms, were also identified as potential tools to improve transparency and collaboration within supply chains.

Due to changes in ownership and direction of the processing plant, this project will not progress to Stage 2.
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