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Bernard graduates the Australian rural leadership program

30 May 2022

AMPC congratulates Bernard Gooch, GM Marketing and Development at Fletcher International on graduating the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

AMPC sponsors red meat processing participants to complete the Australian Rural Leadership Program each year. 

Bernard said, “The course was all about experimental learning. We had the opportunity to learn and be encouraged to try new things in a safe environment which was way outside our comfort zone. It was a very challenging and rewarding experience which gave me the skills to think differently in a range of situations.”

The 15-month program was extended due to delays from COVID and included many experiences. Bernard travelled across Australia from the Kimberly to Canberra completing various activities. One experience included leading a community briefing in Mogo, where we learned first-hand about the challenges that the local community faced during the bushfires that raged through their small town in 2019.   

Bernard said, “You never knew from one minute to the next what you were going to be doing. The course was disruptive and tested me. The cohort of students analysed each other’s behaviours and we all learnt how to be vulnerable. 

“I learnt a lot about myself. I leant about how my behaviour influences other individuals and teams. Now that I have recognised this, it’s been so powerful.” 

Bernard has been in the red meat processing industry for 30 years working for Fletcher International. He started in the production facility and progressed to senior management positions. He moved from shipping and logistics and then into marketing and development. 

The course has helped Bernard immensely and he’s already applying what he learned. He said, “The networks I created with other students from a wide range of industries is extremely beneficial and I have made lifelong friends”. 

“The course gave me the skills to learn and think in a new way, it compels me to act. I have to confidence tackle the hard stuff first now, which is necessary when championing for positive change in our communities. 

“I am so grateful to AMPC for the sponsorship.”