Digital transformation road map for meat export reforms

21 October 2020
Focus area: Technical market access & markets
Program stream: Technical market access & markets
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In mid-2020, the Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management
convened a joint government-industry Meat Modernisation Working Group
(MMWG) to accelerate the modernisation of the Australian Export Meat
Inspection System (AEMIS) as it nears the 10th anniversary of its introduction.

As part of this agenda, the MMWG commissioned a high-level Digital
Transformation Roadmap, co-funded by government and industry through the
Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC), to leverage technology and
improve data capture, sharing and analysis, and recommend a path ahead for
investment by both industry and government. The MMWG has informed a
compelling vision for modernisation and how digital transformation will support
risk- and performance-based, data-informed regulation and unlock further
potential of the Australian export meat sector as a trusted, competitive and
forward-thinking supplier to growing markets.

The roadmap will be submitted by the MMWG to the Minister to complement a
broader report from the group on meat modernisation.
Next in this focus area 28 December 2019 Australian export meat inspection service (AEMIS) review